Research lines

investigación grupo mintota

Keywords: accuracy, calibration of instruments and procedures, quality.

Description: aimed at developing strategies for validating the analytical parameters of a procedure.

Keywords: estimation, identification, procedures, characterization.

Description: the current analytical chemistry and the adaptation of the new instrumentation available to research, enables the detection and characterization of compounds at very low concentration levels, allowing the study of emerging contaminants, which only makes a few years it was not possible to detect.

Keywords: amines, sulfides, mercaptans, air, water, food, industrial products, health.

Description: aims to develop scientific knowledge that generates new tools that adapt to the current needs of society. The benefits they can bring are: low cost, do not consume energy, site versatility, punctual use, evaluation of large areas with specific resolution.

Denomination: Miniaturization in liquid chromatography.

Keywords: capillary liquid chromatography, nanochromatography, solid phase microextraction in tube, coupled column systems, automatic analysis.

Description: new analysis strategies in miniaturized chromatographic techniques that incorporate tube solid phase microextraction with new (nano) materials.

Keywords: nanoparticles, magnetism, sensors, separation.

Description: research is proposed in two directions: characterization of nanomaterials, including strategies for their detection and / or analytical determination, and study of their characteristics and their impact on the improvement of analytical parameters.