Ongoing projects:

3-2-2023 to 31-12-2025. Financing: €65,000. IP: Pilar Campins Falcó.
VLC-BIOMED Program 2022-23. Budget: €7,000. IP: Carmen Molins Legua.
Project included in the VALENCIAN COMMUNITY AGROALNEXT COMPLEMENTARY AGRO-FOOD PLAN. 11/25/2022 to 06/29/2025 (IP: Pilar Campins Falcó). €199,410. Researchers: R. Herráez, C. Molins, Y. Moliner, N. Jornet.
Agroalnext GVA
Researchers: P. Campíns (PI), R. Herráez, C. Molins, Y. Moliner, N. Jornet. Ref.: PID2021-124554NB-I00. TITLE: NEW TOOLS FOR THE COUPLING OF ITSPME TO INSTRUMENTS OF LABORATORY AND LAPTOPS: THE ROLE OF THE MINIATURIZED LC AND AF4 FOR BIO(NANOMATERIALS) AND SECONDARY POLLUTANTS. Funding: MCI/EU, 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2025, €193,600 and FPI contract.
To characterize BBMV vesicles by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF4)-OTR2021-21844INVES. IP: P. Campíns Falcó. Financiación: 22.222 €. Duración: 2021-2022.
AP2022-11. SECAVEX Creation of a Characterization Service of Extracellular vesicles with advanced methodology IP-UV: Carmen Molins IP-IISLaFe: Legua Imelda Ontoria Oviedo.
Researchers: P. Campíns (PI), R. Herráez, C. Molins , J. Verdú, Y. Moliner. Ref.: CTQ2017-90082-P. Financing: MCIU/FEDER, 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2021, 134.310,00 € and contract FPI: Sergio Cortés.
Subsidies for the acquisition of R + D + i infrastructure and equipment. Operational Program FEDER 2014-2020 Comunitat Valenciana IDIFEDER/2018/049. Financing: Generalitat Valenciana. Conselleria de Educación, Formación y Ocupación; 01/01/2018-31/12/2020; 709.892 €. IP: Pilar Campíns Falcó.

LIFE 16 ENV/ES/000419.

Coordinator: Plàcid Madramany Consorci de la Ribera, Aguas de Valencia, S.A.; Diputació de València; Stichting Incubator (Holanda); Università degli Studi di Genova (Italia); la Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders del País Valencià ; Universitat Politècnica de València y Universitat de València (IP: Pilar Campíns Falcó).

Financing EUROPEAN UNION. European Commision. EASME LIFE and CIP ECO-Innovation 1.412.573 €. (UV: 217.320 €). Duration: 01/10/2017-30/09/2020.

More information: Libernitrate official website.

CDTI Project 100 – Betelgeux S.A.

Financing: 20.000 €; 2018-2020. IP: Pilar Campíns Falcó.

GVA seat granted – Technical Support contracts, APOTI 16 months, 24500 €: Adrià Martínez Aviñó.

Agencia Valenciana de la Innovación (AVI) Generaltitat Valenciana. Universidad de Valencia/La FE/FISABI: 1-1-2019 until 31-12-2020. Financing: 140.467,95 €. IP: Carmen Molins Legua.

MI: Pilar Campíns Falcó (2020-2021).

Citrosol SA Products.


Ministry of Science and Innovation. Proof of concept projects 2021. PDC2021-121604-I00. 2022-2023. (MI: Pilar Campins Falcó). € 143,750.00.

Carlos III Health Institute. 2021-2024. MI: M.D. Pinazo Duran. Researcher: Pilar Campins Falcó- MINTOTA. € 185,350.00.

Funds Exceeds COVID-19 CRUE SANTANDER. Participating entities: Led by the researcher from the I2SysBio-UV institute Guillermo Rodrigo, MINTOTA participates together with researchers from the CSIC from the IBMCP-UPV institute. 2020 – 2021. MI: Pilar Campíns Falcó (UV)

European Union. European Comission. H2020. H2020-SC5-2019-2 IA. Beneficiaries: Coordinator: FCC AQUALIA SA. EU financing € 14 984 656.81 €. (Researcher: Pilar Campíns Falcó-MINTOTA). Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2025.

Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI). Participants: Aguas de Valencia S.A. (coordinator), University of Valencia, the Energy Technology Center and the University of Alicante. 2021-2023. MI (UV): P. Campíns Falcó UV Financing: € 156,395.35.
Valencian Government- EU ERDF. Subsidies for the acquisition of infrastructures and R + D + i equipment. ERDF Operational Program 2021 Comunitat Valenciana. IDIFEDER / 2021/076.
UV- IISLaFe. VLC-BIOMED Program 2021-22. Budget: € 18,000. MI: Yolanda Moliner Martínez.